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In 2025 it will become the Faculty of Engineering, producing a Bachelor of Engineering with graduate learning outcomes in the field of technology based on innovative national natural resources with the identity of State Defense and regional competitiveness.

  1. Organizing a learning process that is adaptive to the development of science and technology supported by a Management Information System, with an environmental perspective in order to increase the competitiveness of the Nation with the identity of State Defense
  2. Developing the Research Center for “Alternative Energy, Manufacturing Technology, and Fishing Ships in an integrated manner to provide services to the wider community through research activities and produce innovative, competitive product designs with the identity of the State Defense
  3. Build cooperation networks at the national and global levels.
  4. Organizing quality faculty governance in a transparent, accountable and sustainable manner in a conducive campus life structure.
  5. Develop laboratory facilities to support learning and research needs in order to produce innovative products.
  6. Providing accommodation for student organizations and activities to develop skills with a State Defense identity.


  1. Education
    Print a profile of graduates who are competent, competitive, and have a State Defense identity.
  2. Research
    The realization of the “Alternative Energy, Manufacturing Industry and Fishing Vessels” Study Center to provide services to the wider community through research activities to produce innovative and competitive product designs with the identity of State Defense.
  3. Community dedication
    The implementation of community service activities as a manifestation of the concern for the academic community of the Faculty of Engineering for the welfare of society and the progress of the nation with the identity of State Defense.
  4. Supporters
    Increasing the quantity and quality of academic and non-academic facilities and infrastructure to support the learning process.


  1. Mechanical Engineering Study Program
  2. Industrial Engineering Study Program
  3. Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding Engineering Study Program
  4. Electrical Engineering Study Program


  • Qualified graduates, competitive and have a State Defense identity


History and Development of the Faculty of Engineering, UPN “Veteran” Jakarta

The Faculty of Engineering UPN “Veteran” Jakarta was founded in 1993 based on the Minister of Defense Decree Number: Kep / 01 / II / 1993 dated February 27, 1993 concerning the Arrangement of UPN “Veteran” Jakarta, which previously only held a Bachelor Program with an official status for the Mechanical Engineering department.

In 1995 UPN “Veteran” Jakarta changed its status from official to private and the Faculty of Engineering changed its name to the Faculty of Industrial Technology.

Furthermore, in 1997 the Faculty of Industrial Technology (FTI) UPN “Veteran” Jakarta was in accordance with the Minister of Education and Culture Decree Number: 30 / D / O / 1998 so that FTI had a S-1 Mechanical Engineering Study Program, S-1 Textile Engineering, with registered status and also D-III Mechanical Engineering Study Program and D-III Textile Engineering Study Program with equal status.

In 2000, FTI opened the S-1 Industrial Engineering and Undergraduate Electrical Engineering Study Programs with the status of an educational implementation permit according to the Director General of Higher Education’s letter Number: 1994 / D / T / 2002 dated 20 September 2002 and the Dirjen Dikti Letter Number: 167 / D / T / 2003 dated January 30, 2003.

In 2005 the Faculty of Industrial Technology (FTI), changed its name to the Faculty of Engineering (FT), which is a combination of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and the Faculty of Marine Technology (FTK) which originally had the DIII Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding Engineering Study Program. The merger of the two faculties into the Faculty of Engineering was carried out based on the Decree of the UPN “Veteran” Education Executing Body Number: Skep / 06 / I / 2005 dated January 27, 2005. Since this merger, the Faculty of Engineering has developed the S-1 Mechanical Engineering Study Program, S-1 Industrial Engineering , and S-1 in Naval Architecture, furthermore the Undergraduate Study Program of Textile Engineering, D-III Textile Engineering, D-III Mechanical Engineering, D-III Naval Engineering and S-1 Electrical Engineering experienced a decrease in student interest so that the education program was closed.

Starting in 2014, UPN “Veteran” Jakarta changed its status from a private university to a state university. The change in status is based on the Presidential Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia number 120 of 2014 concerning the Establishment of UPN “Veteran” Jakarta, including the Faculty of Engineering. In the Strategic Plan of the Faculty of Engineering for the 2016-2020 Period as an embodiment of its role in increasing the intelligence of the Indonesian nation, starting in 2018 it is planning to open several new study programs such as Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Environmental Engineering. Followed by development in other fields such as increasing human resources, adding educational facilities and infrastructure, increasing cooperation networks both domestically and abroad, improving the performance of the Tri Dharma Academic Civitas with the identity of State Defense.


Assalamu’alaikum wr wb

Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering, UPN “Veteran” Jakarta (UPNVJ). With the change of UPNVJ to PTN, there are many opportunities to go further with FT. We are committed to developing people through technical education with qualified teaching staff and administrative staff who prioritize services to students and other shareholders.

The Faculty of Engineering currently consists of three study programs: each of which has been accredited B: Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Naval Architecture, occupying two adjacent locations, namely Pondok Labu, Jakarta and Limo, Depok. The number of our students currently is around 700 students, but our target in the next three years is to reach 1000 students. Currently we continue to add facilities and infrastructure to meet international standards on both campuses. We also continue to improve the quality of our teaching staff by sending study assignments at domestic and foreign universities. There are around 15 laboratories available for practicum and research for the three study programs.

Apart from formal education, the Faculty of Engineering also has student organizations in the department as a means of channeling interests and talents. Students are encouraged to excel not only in academics, but also in non-academics. Students are given the opportunity to participate in national competitions related to their scientific fields.

We hope you can join us on a journey to strengthen people through education and to improve the quality of life in our society.

Wassalamu’alaikum wr wb

DR. Ir. Reda Rizal, M.Si

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